Build to your exact specifications with a custom order

We can design and build a one-of-a-kind TetherTies for your custom needs. Secure peripherals and deter theft within your organization.
  • Custom tie lengths

    Choose a custom length for both standard and HD TetherTies.

  • Special designs

    Need to secure more than one adapter? Want to secure irregularly shaped equipment? We can help.

  • Installation kits

    Adapters and TetherTies come fully assembled - just slide and crimp to install.


Get inspired

See how our clients have customized TetherTies to solve their toughest peripheral security needs

Request a custom TetherTies order

• Customize tie length, number of adapters, and more
• Black, White, or Silver options available
• Choose from TetherTies or TetherTiesHD