Keep your adapters, cables, and devices secure with the industry's most trusted cable tether

Keep your Mac, Microsoft Surface, and computer peripherals close at hand

Patent-pending technology

Patent-pending security solutions solve the problem of disappearing peripherals.

No assembly required

TetherTies ship fully assembled, ready to slide and crimp into place.

American Made

TetherTies are assembled in the USA using high-quality, super flexible, stainless-steel, smooth coated wire.

Strong and secure

TetherTies' tamper resistant design reduces the chance of theft and loss.

Save budget and lower costs

Secure your Mac adapters, Microsoft Surface adapters, and other computer peripherals for only 5-10% the cost of dongle replacement.

Easy installation in 15 seconds

TetherTies can be permanently installed in less than 15 seconds.

  • Johan Dowdy, Head of IT, Lyft

    “Lyft is a growing company and keep adding conference rooms. We use TetherTies to secure conference room dongles that would otherwise keep disappearing"

  • Greg Deike, Facilities Senior Supervisor, PepsiCo

    "We are using TetherTies to secure VGA to Mini-Display port adapters in our conference rooms or HDMI to mini displayport adapters in our talk rooms. We needed to order more because the adapters get used and abused from users and we don’t want them walking away anymore. I would recommend TetherTies, and have already done so to some of my peers at other locations"

  • Joe Neto, Creative Services Specialist, Stanford Law School

    "I found TetherTies when searching for lock-down solutions for peripheral adapters.The first batch was great and easy to use. We haven't had any stolen adapters since. I recommend TetherTies to anybody that is looking for a strong, sturdy, and easy to attach security lock for adapters!"

  • William Prakash, IT Manager, RGA

    "We had some adapters that had gone missing, as well as doing an office fitout and adding new meeting rooms meant I wanted to secure the additional adapters that were to be installed. TetherTies are connected to our meeting room’s built in HDMI cable, and then to both a USB-C and Mini DisplayPort adapter. It’s a simple product that is simple to use and does what is promises to do."

Customers rely on TetherTies to solve their toughest security needs.


Strength and security that can't be beat

Made of flexible, coated stainless-steel wire, TetherTies let you install adapters and peripherals wherever you need—and keeps them secure

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Strength and security that can't be beat

Installation is a snap

TetherTies arrive fully assembled. To install, loop the end of your TetherTies cable tether around the item you need to lock down, cinch the tether until secure, and crimp it shut. Security in seconds.

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Installation is a snap

Variety of options that meet your organization's security needs

From everyday to complex custom requirements, TetherTies can solve your loss and theft deterrence needs. TetherTies is the preferred option for thousands companies, schools, governments, and health care facilities

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Variety of options that meet your organization's security needs