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Save 25% when you self-assemble single adapter TetherTies. Secure your video adapters, power cords, or other computer peripherals with TetherTies. Made of high-quality, nylon-coated stainless steel wire cable, TetherTies are proudly manufactured and pre-assembled in the USA.


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Product Details

  • DO-IT-YOURSELF CONVENIENCE– TetherTies DIY Kits include all the components to assemble and install TetherTies on your own. Just assemble each end of a TetherTies cable tether from the included parts, place one end of the TetherTies cable tether around the item you want to lock down, cinch the tether until secure, and crimp it shut. Security in seconds with no hassle.
  • DURABLE & SECURE – TetherTies features a tamper-resistant design reducing the chance of loss and theft. In a modern workplace requiring access to adapters and immediate resolution; protect your technological items with the industry’s leading easy-to-use prevention solution.
  • INSTALLATION IN SECONDS – TetherTies DIY install permanently in 30 seconds or less. TetherTies are the fastest way to secure computer peripherals and deter loss or theft.
  • DIY BUDGET SAVINGS– Keep your adapters, cables, and dongles secure at ~5% or less of replacement cost. TetherTies DIY Kits are an easy and cost-efficient solution to keep your items nearby helping prevent having to buy new cables and adapters to replace missing, lost, or taken computer adapters, cords, and other items.
  • AMERICAN MADE – TetherTies are made in the USA of high-quality, flexible, stainless-steel, nylon-coated wire cable. You will be hard pressed to find a better, more durable solution to keep your computer, adapters, and dongles secure with such a minimalist design.
  • FREE TOOL – With your purchase, included is a crimping tool for fast easy installation. No additional tools or equipment are required to install TetherTies. Installation is simple and easy.

Customer Ratings and Reviews

11 reviews for Do-it-Yourself TetherTies

  1. Techmeister

    I use these to keep Apple MAC HDMI adapters attached to long HDMI cables in public areas. Other tethers were torn or cut to remove the adapters. These tethers are steel and very sturdy. They are also the perfect length to allow adapters / cables to be used fully but not so long as to be cumbersome. Installing these is fairly easy – if you can squeeze a pliers you can install these.I have purchased 3 sets of these now and continue to use them in all the places I’m worried about something being moved / taken / stolen.

  2. Randall stacy

    I ordered these and they work great. I work in a hospital system and found they are effective at reducing our lost USB and computer adapters.

  3. CosplayMom

    I regularly have to replace cables and adapters in conference rooms. I’m so thankful this was a complete kit. Now adapters are not ‘walking’ away from the conference room and I don’t have to pay IT to replace the cables.

  4. Sheryl

    I am an operations manager at a 100,000 sq ft facility for a large organization. I use these as part of an office transformation project and they worked great. Easy to attach and we are not seeing our apple adapters disappear.

  5. peanutmiracle

    My investment firm has several companies that are frustrated by the amount of lost of adapters and computer chords. I asked my IT manager to purchase TetherTies and the report so far is problem solved.

  6. Daniel White

    I frequently lose my USB sticks which puts me in a pickle giving guest lectures as a University Professor. TetherTies DIY was my solution. It took just a few seconds to hook up TetherTies to my 500MB USB stick, and now it has a leash that won’t let it get away. Highly recommended A+

  7. Jim M.

    Exactly what I needed to secure a lens cover to NVG. Everything needed is included fir a fair price and timely delivery.

  8. Wendell

    These are great cable tethers! We have installed these on all of our company TV’s to keep track of all the different adapters for our computers. Less chance of the adapters just walking off now. Will buy again!

  9. Amazon Customer

    Super easy to use. IÕve put these on to help Secure my off road lights. ItÕs just one extra step to warm away thieves. Strong and sturdy. Make sure you get a good set of cutters.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Super easy to use. IÕve put these on to help Secure my off road lights. ItÕs just one extra step to warm away thieves. Strong and sturdy. Make sure you get a good set of cutters.

  11. RTP-FRKL

    The cable is just the right size, but the crimp ferrules are way bigger than necessary creating a sloppy look when crimped.The ‘free’ ‘crimp tool’ is just a generic pliers that doesn’t crimp neatly or correctly.Next time I’ll buy 150# coated fishing leader, the right size ferrules, and a proper crimper and I’ll be able to do 50 custom length tethers for the price of 10 in this kit.B07KPC4J5P, B07KPBZ562, and B01M25PXH1

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