Retractable TetherTies Coils

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TetherTies Coils are retractable security tether cables made of Heavy Duty wire used to tether video adapters, power cords, and other computer peripherals in conference rooms, offices, classrooms, and public spaces. TetherTies Coils extend up to 39 inches (1.0 meter) and retract down to about 6 inches. They’re perfect for securing Clickshare dongles and Barco adapters to conferences tables so they stay in the correct conference room.


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Product Details

  • EXTENDABLE: TetherTies Coils are extend up to 39 inches (1.0 meter) and retract to just 6 inches (0.05 meters)
  • MADE IN THE USA: TetherTies Coils are made of USA made high-quality, flexible, stainless-steel nylon-coated wire cable
  • EASY INSTALL: No Assembly Required – TetherTies Coils come fully assembled, just slide and crimp in place. TetherTies Coils install permanently in under 15 seconds
  • SAVE MONEY: Save Budget & Lower Costs – Keep your adapters, cables, and dongles secure at ~1% of replacement cost of expensive Clickshare dongles
  • AMERICAN MADE – TetherTies are made in the USA of high-quality, flexible, stainless-steel, nylon-coated wire cable. You will be hard pressed to find a better, more durable solution to keep your computer, adapters, and dongles secure with such a minimalist design.
  • FREE TOOL – With your purchase, included is a crimping tool for fast easy installation. No additional tools or equipment are required to install TetherTies. Installation is simple and easy.

Retractable and Extendable TetherTies Coils

Starting at
$44.99/5-pack; Less than $9 to secure a $175 adapter!
Minimum break strength
270 lbs
Wire type
Strong & flexible nylon-coated stainless steel wire
Ideal For
Stops Clickshare dongles from being stolen, and ensures they're available in the right rooms.
Theft Deterrence rating
Security Rating
6" unextended/coiled / 39" when extended. Custom lengths available

Customer Ratings and Reviews

5 reviews for Retractable TetherTies Coils

  1. Carlos (verified owner)

    High-quality retractable cables for ClickShare provide convenient cable management. Despite minor international shipping issues, excellent customer service promptly resolves any concerns, ensuring a satisfying purchase experience.

  2. Gabriele Schuler (verified owner)

    Top, fast shipping, very easy to order, super helpful by any questions, top item

  3. Jeff W (verified owner)

    outstanding customer service, fast shipping, my customer was happy with this item

  4. Carol

    i took this item to the office
    we set up a temporal thermometer scanning kiosk in the employee break area
    the temporal thermometer scanners were attached to the stand with these tether ties

  5. Taylor S.

    Used these to secure headphones at a pop up event and they worked great! Cable is a little short but does expand.

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