TetherTies Reviews from Customers

Ever since starting TetherTies cable tethers, we’ve heard from hundreds of customers all over the world. Literally – from Austria to Australia. And even though their companies do vastly different things, the problem they share is too often all the same: Adapters and computer peripherals disappearing from conference rooms, over and over again.

“We had a number of our adapters go missing,” recalls Joe from Stanford University.  “The cost to replace the missing adapters was beginning to add up.”

William from RGA had a similar situation. “We had some adapters that had gone missing, as well as doing an office fitout and adding new meeting rooms meant I wanted to secure the additional adapters that were to be installed.”

We heard from Greg at PepsiCo that “the adapters get used and abused …and we don’t want them walking away anymore.”

Johan from Lyft may have put it best: “We prefer to think of it as [Mac adapters], ‘accidentally being borrowed and not returned’”.

All this feedback from a wide array of customers showed us that no matter the company, the size, or the service they provide, the same issue of disappearing adapters and computer peripherals were a common thread across every industry.

And while lots of our customers have existing AV vendors and IT suppliers, many buy from TetherTies directly – finding us through Google searches, recommendations from colleagues, or even seeing TetherTies in action at another office or company.

But even though they may have found us through different routes, the end results were all the same: TetherTies proved to be a quick and easy solution to a potentially expensive problem.

“We haven’t had any stolen adapters since,” reports Stanford’s Joe. “I recommend TetherTies to anybody that is looking for a strong, sturdy, and easy [way] to attach security locks for adapters.”

Problem solved at Lyft too: “We are a growing company and keep adding conference rooms,” says Johan. “We use them to secure conference room dongles that would otherwise keep disappearing.”

Same deal at PepsiCo. “We are using them to secure VGA to MiniDisplay Port adapters in our conference rooms, or HDMI to MiniDisplay Port adapters in our talk rooms,” says Greg.

Positive testimonials like these are music to our ears. Our customer’s ultimate satisfaction, and providing them with a stress-free solution, are what inspires and motivates us to keep on innovating and improving our product going forward. It’s reassuring to hear from such a wide array of customers with similar problems, and being able to provide a quick, easy and affordable option for them. Whatever your company does, whatever your office setup may be: we’ve got the right TetherTies to fit your needs.

Along with our existing cable tethering solutions, such as our pre-assembled Standard TetherTies, and Heavy Duty TetherTies, we’re excited to announce that our new extendable TetherTies Coils and TetherTies DIY Kit are available for the first time on our website.

Extendable TetherTies Coils is our innovative coiled steel cable that combines extension with the strong loss and theft prevention our customers know and rely on. TetherTies DIY Kit cable tethers are manufactured in the USA of high-quality, nylon-coated stainless steel wire cable. And easy installation takes less than 60 seconds with the FREE included crimping tool! Each TetherTies self-assemble kit cable tether measures 12 inches in length. It’s our most convenient solution for securing and deterring theft of conference room display adapters, Mac adapters, Apple adapters, HDMI adapters, and VGA adapters.

TetherTies DIY installation package ultimately costs less and saves time (and money) spent replacing missing computer and AV peripherals. It’s also crafted with an elegant design, and addresses an urgent workplace need as demonstrated by the tens of thousands of standard TetherTies and Heavy Duty TetherTies sold each year. Thousands of companies, businesses, and organizations are now using them, including hundreds on the Fortune 500 list, universities, academic and US National Labs, private secondary schools, and local school districts too.

But we’ll never forget where it all began: Our original TetherTies: A non-coiled, pre-assembled cable tether that installs in under 15 seconds.  And Heavy Duty TetherTies: an HD cable tether made of 33% thicker stainless steel wire – 150% stronger than the already strong original TetherTies!

We even asked our customers, “what are some ideas you’d like to see next for TetherTies?”.

“What about TetherTies that can be reattached with some sort of security key?” asks Greg.

Johan suggested, “Perhaps offer them in shorter or more variable lengths.”

None needed, says William – “It’s a simple product that is simple to use and does what is promises to do.” He continues, “I already recommended TetherTies to the AV company that did our meeting room fitouts, as they had previously used a competitor of yours for the first phase of deployment, and when I looked up that product it was grossly overpriced and made me start looking for an alternative – which is how I found TetherTies.

“I would definitely come back if the need arose. Mainly due to your price-point and ease of use.”

Whether you choose original pre-assembled TetherTies, heavy-duty TetherTies, extendable TetherTies Coils, or our new TetherTies DIY KIT, you and your customers, end users, and partners will appreciate the smart decision to secure video adapters and computer cables in all your conference rooms, offices, classrooms, and public spaces. As the purchaser, you’ll no doubt appreciate the high quality, fast installation time – less than 15 seconds each (for pre-assembled TetherTies, TetherTies, and extendable TetherCoils), and of course, a great price.

But the most helpful thing of all that we’re proudest to offer is support, via phone, email, or chat. We’‘re always available to answer questions, and have helped hundreds of companies with custom orders and specific requests, as well as consulted on dozens of installations, use cases, and unique situations. Let us help you save time and money, and stop replacing missing computer peripherals, by securing your cables and AV adapters with TetherTies!