4 Simple Steps to Install TetherTies in 15 Seconds or Less

As you’re considering whether TetherTies™ are the right computer peripheral security tool for your organization, we wanted share the simple 4 step installation instructions below. TetherTies come fully assembled, and require only a simple crimp to secure to the TetherTie in place. There’s no need to assemble the TetherTie, nor any need to heat shrink a cover material. To install TetherTies, please follow the steps below and you’ll be up and ready in 15 seconds or less!

1) Slip the loop of one side of your TetherTie over the end of the adapter you’d like to secure.

2) Snug the metal slide up tight on the adapter, and crimp the metal sleeve securely using the enclosed crimping tool.

3) Slip the other loop of your TetherTie around the end of the cable (or other item) to which you’d like to secure the adapter.


4) Snug the metal slide up tight on the adapter, and crimp the metal sleeve securely using the enclosed crimping tool.


NOTE: (On steps #2 and #4) Be sure to use a firm grip with the enclosed crimping tool to fully crimp the metal sleeve.
*For larger installations or to get greater leverage when crimping metal sleeves, linesman pliers serve as a good alternative to the enclosed crimping tool.

Thanks for considering TetherTies. We think you’ll find them useful, and your colleagues will appreciate having adapters and computer peripherals close at hand. And for you, being able to install each TetherTies in under 15 seconds, you’ll have plenty of time for everything else that you’re asked to do everyday!

To download the instructions as a PDF, click here: Guide for Installing TetherTies in 15 Seconds or Less.

Solve your IT deployment issues with TetherTies

Every day we have a chance to talk to customers and learn why TetherTies was the right Mac adapter tethering solution for them.

Recently, we saw a series of new orders from the same company, but each order was being placed by a different purchasing manager. Orders ranged from 10 packs of TetherTies to 120 pack custom orders. But they all shared one common element – the parent company.

When we asked one of the IT managers why so many procurement staff were ordering from TetherTies.com we were surprised at the answer. The parent company had recently released the requisition for a new company wide laptop deployment. One problem. The new laptops don’t have a VGA connection, and there are hundreds of conference rooms throughout the organization with VGA cables and HDMI cables. But none of those cables work with the new laptops without a mini-display port to VGA adapter, or Mac Adapter.

The local IT departments had ordered enough VGA adapters to outfit all of their local conference rooms, but the Mac Adapters kept disappearing. This isn’t an uncommon problem. Staff regularly borrow or pocket the Mac adapters in conference rooms so they’ll have one at the next presentation, or because they want to connect their laptop to the monitor on their desk. Most staff aren’t stealing the Mac Adapters, but they’re just borrowing them VGA adapter intending to return the adapter in the future. Unfortunately, too often the video adapters never get returned to their original location, and then when it came time for a presentation or meeting in the conference room, there was no way to project.

So TetherTies to the rescue. One local office had previously ordered a 30 pack of TetherTies to secure the computer peripherals in their conference rooms and desks, and vouched for the easy installation of TetherTies and their strong and secure tamper-resistant way to lock down Mac Adapters, so they didn’t walk off from the conference rooms, and desks. When it came time to solve the problem of missing Mac Adapters for the entire organization there was already a tested solution that could be shared with the entire company through the procurement system.

And so, despite the unintended consequences that come with a new company-wide laptop deployment where the new laptops don’t work with existing AV systems, there’s always a solution out there.

We love hearing customer stories about how or why they use TetherTies in their organization, and if you share your story with us, we’ll feature you on the blog, and may send you a coupon or gift card as thanks.

Cost Comparison of Securing Computer Peripherals via Tethering vs. Replacing

Hundreds of companies and universities have trusted TetherTies with securing their computer peripherals and reducing replacement costs.

If you are in a position that has responsibility for procuring, maintaining, or re-ordering computer peripherals you may be interested in how to evaluate replacement costs for lost/damaged/unaccounted for PC, Mac, or other computer peripherals in your organization.  Often this role is held by IT managers, facilities or operations managers, but there are many roles in organizations that oversee spending, maintaining, and replacing these Mac, PC, and other computer peripherals.

So, how do you look at replacement costs?  Do you even consider how much it costs to continuously replace these computer peripherals?  Have you considered how much your department or organization could save if you were to proactively manage this re-occurring expense?  Many IT professionals are starting to consider a better investment approach – namely to tether or secure computer peripherals BEFORE they become lost/damaged/or unaccounted for.   The cost of tethering is only a fraction the replacement cost and can dramatically reduce overall expenditures.  Here’s how….

The average cost of many Mac, PC, VGA, HDMI or similar computer peripherals can run $50 or more.  If a tethering solution reduced replacement need by 75% that can save a mid-size to large organization thousands of dollars each year.  The key is to ensure you pick a highly effective tethering solution for a professional office or lab environment that serves as an effective Mac VGA adapter loss prevention tool.  For example, using TetherTies™, with an average cost of $3.50-$4.00 per TetherTie, is an excellent case study for how this can work.  Hundreds of companies and universities have trusted TetherTies with securing their computer peripherals and reducing replacement costs.  The chart below illustrates how using TetherTies™ can save your organization thousands by reducing loss at various amounts.

TetherTies Mac Adapter Loss Replacement Cost Chart

Pretty compelling, right? Using this analysis method and strategy can help your organization save money and time. No need to deploy people time on replacing computer peripherals and instead they can focus on other more pressing IT and technical issues in your organization. Hey, it might even get you promoted!