Cost Comparison of Securing Computer Peripherals via Tethering vs. Replacing

If you are in a position that has responsibility for procuring, maintaining, or re-ordering computer peripherals you may be interested in how to evaluate replacement costs for lost/damaged/unaccounted for PC, Mac, or other computer peripherals in your organization.  Often this role is held by IT managers, facilities or operations managers, but there are many roles in organizations that oversee spending, maintaining, and replacing these Mac, PC, and other computer peripherals.

So, how do you look at replacement costs?  Do you even consider how much it costs to continuously replace these computer peripherals?  Have you considered how much your department or organization could save if you were to proactively manage this re-occurring expense?  Many IT professionals are starting to consider a better investment approach – namely to tether or secure computer peripherals BEFORE they become lost/damaged/or unaccounted for.   The cost of tethering is only a fraction the replacement cost and can dramatically reduce overall expenditures.  Here’s how….

The average cost of many Mac, PC, VGA, HDMI or similar computer peripherals can run $50 or more.  If a tethering solution reduced replacement need by 75% that can save a mid-size to large organization thousands of dollars each year.  The key is to ensure you pick a highly effective tethering solution for a professional office or lab environment that serves as an effective Mac VGA adapter loss prevention tool.  For example, using TetherTies™, with an average cost of $3.50-$4.00 per TetherTie, is an excellent case study for how this can work.  Hundreds of companies and universities have trusted TetherTies with securing their computer peripherals and reducing replacement costs.  The chart below illustrates how using TetherTies™ can save your organization thousands by reducing loss at various amounts.

TetherTies Mac Adapter Loss Replacement Cost Chart

Pretty compelling, right? Using this analysis method and strategy can help your organization save money and time. No need to deploy people time on replacing computer peripherals and instead they can focus on other more pressing IT and technical issues in your organization. Hey, it might even get you promoted!