Cable Adapter Tethers: How to Solve Complex Needs with a Custom Order

Does your office find that HDMI, video, power, and Apple adapters disappear?  We call it ‘unintended borrowing’ and while it may be a nuisance, it doesn’t have to continue. Thousands of teams rely on TetherTies to avoid lost cable adapters. But what about organizations with unique challenges like larger conference rooms, heightened security needs, or other requirements?

Custom Sizing, Colors, and Configurations

Don’t settle for a partial solution. If you have specific requirements, you may want to bypass the standard sized TetherTies security cable tethers and consider a custom security cable tether product.  Tether Ties and TetherTiesHD can be ordered with custom length, color, and thickness specifications. Whatever your security cable needs are, TetherTies can meet them.

With over 5,000 customers across 40 countries you can have the confidence that custom TetherTies can solve your most unique and challenging situation for securing computer, Apple, HDMI, video and other technology products used in offices, labs, conference rooms, and classrooms.

Workplace Transformation for the Fortune 500s

We’re fortunate to work with some of the largest, most successful organizations in the world. Recently, a repeat customer and global Fortune 500 company based in Silicon Valley reached out about their workplace transformation initiative. As part of this transformation project, the IT procurement and facility leaders needed a security solution with custom length and configurations.

Not only were we able to accommodate their specific needs, but we also managed to save them time and effort in the deployment process. Our custom assembly team pre-configured their TetherTies to include two HDMI adapters pre-installed and secured on each one.  With 1,500 installed over the past few years, this client has raved about the quality and relatively low-cost security that custom TetherTies have provided their organization.

We’re able to handle custom orders for a broad range of organizations and industries. Having worked with universities, hospitals, global companies, laboratories, IT service providers, and startups, we’ve developed deep expertise in solving diverse security needs. We can likely accommodate any requirements, based on your workspace and team needs.

Cable Tethers in Intuit HQ Conference Rooms

Outsource the Configuration Work to TetherTies

Let us deploy our expertise to save you time. Given TetherTies’ past work with so many businesses, we can handle the configuration legwork on your behalf. We’ll work to understand your specific needs, so that you don’t have to do the heavy lifting on configuration.

Our custom solutions and service teams will conduct a requirements inventory. We’ll develop a personalized security recommendation, based on the requirements of your team. We’ll work with you to create the right configuration and may be able to find new ways of saving you time or money.

A Simplified Ordering Process

We’ve designed the ordering process to be fast and easy. Start by visiting the TetherTies website at  Look over the product lines available from original TetherTies, DIY self-assemble TetherTies, new multi-adapter TetherTies, to our new extendable TetherTies Coils product line to identify the type of product you need.

Visit the “Custom Order” tab that links to a custom request page.  Fill in the required information, and you will receive an email follow-up confirmation from the TetherTies’ customer support specialists.  We’ll work with you to ensure we understand your requirements, and if necessary, we’ll send samples to ensure your requirements are met.

Whether you run a large office, lab, university campus, or a small factory facility, you will find that TetherTies and custom TetherTies can meet your organizational cable security tether needs.  Give custom ordering a try today when you find the standard products aren’t quite specific enough to meet your workplace facility needs.