Conference Room Adapter Tethers: How to Outfit Your Office Spaces

Most employees would rather go to the dentist than waste time attending or prepping for meetings1. Some preparation is necessary, of course: gathering data, organizing a presentation, and polishing your pitch. Other preparation however, like scrambling around for the right conference room adapters, is an agonizing waste of time.

How often are the first 10 minutes of a meeting spent trying to locate a cable or cable adapter, because there are none in the conference room? If you have ten people in your meeting, that’s a total of 100 minutes wasted. Depending on who’s in the room, those 100 wasted minutes could be costing you thousands of dollars. And that’s just one meeting!

Even scarier is if multiple people need to connect throughout the meeting. That means additional time spent disconnecting and reconnecting cables and cable adapters.

In addition to wasted time, the awkwardness in front of your clients could be costing you business. And it’s just embarrassing in front of your team.

So how do you streamline meetings and presentations to avoid the costly waste of time, close more deals, and save yourself some embarrassment? A simple piece of hardware, called a cable adapter tether, can keep your meetings on track. They’re easy to implement in every conference room and office with five quick steps:

1. Take Inventory of Your Conference Room Adapter Needs

Take stock of all conference rooms and monitors. How many cables and adapters are present (or needed, because cable adapters sometimes grow legs) in each room?

Are there other spaces people use for meetings, even if they’re not officially conference rooms? Consider how many cables and cable adapters those spaces need as well.



Don’t forget about external spaces. For instance, if you go onsite to meet with clients or vendors, you might need to have adapters on hand when you travel. And wherever there are cable adapters, they need to be secured.

2. Take Inventory of Individual Employees’ Cable Adapter Needs

The next step is to determine if individual employees will need their own cable or adapter tethers. For instance, some people use both a laptop and a larger monitor at their desks. If they’re using the company’s cables and adapters to connect equipment, those cables should be secured to ensure they’re always on-hand.

Larger brands tend to purchase cable tethers for the entire company. Some take the time to ask employees if they’d like to request one or more cable tethers, to avoid losing cable adapters or having to borrow from each other. (You can also mention they’ll no longer be able to take them from the conference rooms!)

3. Account for Future Security Tether Needs

When determining how many cable adapter tethers you need, remember to account for any future growth the company may experience. Will there be additional conference rooms built? Are teams growing?

Once you’ve identified how many cable adapter tethers you need, ordering online is simple.

4. Installing Your Security Tethers

TetherTies are designed for quick and easy installation. We provide all the tools you need, so that you can be up and running in less than 15 seconds.


After security tethers are installed on cables and cable adapters in all the conference rooms and meeting spaces, you can then provide individual employees with their own.

5. Messaging Your Team

After the TetherTies® have been installed throughout the building, alert your employees through email, Slack, or another internal communication channel.

Explain how these cable adapter tethers will help make their meetings smoother and more efficient, guaranteeing that the cable or adapter they need is always available in a conference room.



You can also let employees know they can request more security tethers if needed. We recommend using a form for these requests, so you can easily track the data and changes over time.

Calculating the ROI of Your Conference Room Adapter Tethers

At the end of the year, share with your company how much time and money were saved by the security tethers. The average cost of many Mac, PC, VGA, HDMI, or similar computer peripherals can run $50 or more. TetherTies® have an average cost of $3.50 to $4.00. If a tethering solution reduces replacement needs by 75%, that can save a mid-size to large organization thousands of dollars each year.

Not to mention the efficiency and professionalism you’ll be able to show for executives, board members, and existing or potential clients.

Gone are the days of wasted time, hunting for an adapter. No longer do your employees need to dread the slow start to most meetings. TetherTies will help you get the most out of your conference rooms and help the entire company run more smoothly.

Ready to get started? See for yourself why our security tethers are the best rated option in the industry.

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