7 Key Differences between Extron LockIt Cable Adapter Tethers and TetherTies Cable Tethers

Trying to decide the best cable tethering solution for your company can be a challenge. From different use case needs (office, conference rooms, lab environment, mobile tethering, conferences or show room settings) to different product types – it is important to consider which product manufacturer makes the right item to meet your needs. The two most widely used Tethering solutions for office, conference room, lab, mobile, and showroom needs are TetherTies and Extron. Extron is a broad product company who makes the Extron LockIt cable adapter tether product. TetherTies specializes in cable tethering solutions for computer peripherals and is in use by thousands of Fortune 500, tech startups, military, and educational institutions. TetherTies was founded by an AV and Facilities Manager who encountered the need to secure computer adapter cables (HDMI, Apple Adapters, VGA cables) and deter theft from a large employer overseeing a new 100,000 sq. ft. office and research facility.

Let’s review 7 key differences between Extron LockIt and TetherTies cable adapter tethers.

1. Pre-Assembled (TetherTies) vs. Assembly Required (Extron)

TetherTies product comes pre-assembled for maximum convenience. The metal sleeves used to secure the TetherTies cable to an adapter head is hand-crimped prior to shipping so users can easily slide and fit to minimize installation time and maximize convenience. Extron LockIt cable adapter tethers come as pre-organized parts that you assemble yourself which adds several steps to the installation process. The user must thread wire themselves through the plastic wrap and metal sleeves prior to fitting onto the intended cable adapter. This process adds 60+ seconds per LockIt in our experience. When you have a large installation (or if you are unfamiliar with how to assemble these parts) the value of having pre-assembled cable adapters not only saves time (which can be hours for large installations), but also money and hassle for your employer! Advantage: TetherTies (unless you prefer do-it-yourself projects).

Video Cable Tie Solutions
Illustrating an Extron LockIt Cable Adapter Tether installed with an HDMI adapter.

2. Cable Adapter Pricing

Extron LockIt cable adapter tethers are $10.00-$15.00 (USD) per unit. TetherTies are $3.00-$4.00 (USD) per unit (pricing depends on order quantity). The big question is why is Extron 2-5x more expensive per unit? Maybe it is that the Extron wire comes with a heat-shrink sleeve (requires customer to use hairdryer to install) which is a cosmetic feature. Alternatively, maybe there is no reason other than customers who are not price sensitive or price aware are willing to pay more for no functional difference. Given thousands of customers have chosen TetherTies we assume that many companies know TetherTies represents superior value. When price matters our vote goes to TetherTies. Advantage: TetherTies

security cables for computer labs
Comparing two TetherTies – the original TetherTies on the left, and TetherTiesHD (Heavy Duty) on the right

3. Security Cable Installation Time

TetherTies come pre-assembled and install in under 15 seconds (installation tools come included in all TetherTies orders). Exton LockIt cable adapter tethers come as parts for do-it-yourself installation and require a hairdryer (or other heat source) to fully install. Our best estimate is that Extron LockIt takes 90 seconds (not including hairdryer warm up time) to install. That kind of installation difference translates into the following installation time differences:

Brand Installation time – 10 cable tethers Installation time – 50 cable tethers Installation time – 100 cable tethers
Cable Tethers
3 minutes 13 minutes 25 minutes
Extron LockIt Cable Adapter Tethers 15 minutes 75 minutes 150 minutes (2.5 hours)

Who would enjoy taking 3x as long installing cable tether when the process doesn’t have to take so long? Installing 100 TetherTies in under 30 minutes vs. 2.5 hours for Extron LockIt cable adapter tethers doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know which product is preferable. Advantage: TetherTies

4. Parts Included

TetherTies come pre-assembled and each order comes with all the necessary tools to make installation quick and easy. In addition to the TetherTies, each order comes with a pair of installation pliers so you don’t have to find or use your own. Further, all TetherTies come with printed installation directions with full color images. Extron LockIt cable adapter tethers come with all parts, but require the installer to assemble the parts and provide their own tools for installation. Tools required (but not included) in Extron LockIt cable adapter tethers include a pair of pliers and a hairdryer (yes, hairdryer or other blowing heat source). Providing all the tools required reinforces TetherTies message of quick and easy installation. Providing your own pliers (and hairdryer) is hardly customer friendly. Advantage: TetherTies

Apple Lightning Adapter Security Cable
A white TetherTie securing a Apple VGA and Lightning adapter to a Apple Lightning Cable.

5. Tether Color and Options

Extron sells only one color (white) for its LockIt cable adapter tether. TetherTies come in three colors (white, black, silver) to ensure the best choice for matching the room environment for installation. While many people may not notice or care what color cable tether is installed, smart AV, IT, facilities managers will purchase the color that best matches the environment of the office, lab, or classroom in which cable tethers are to be used. Advantage: TetherTies

6. Cable System vs. Solution

Extron offers hundreds of AV/IT products as part of a comprehensive set of image, audio, and room technology needs. Extron seeks to design large installation solutions that meet technology needs of customers. The Extron LockIt cable adapter tether is designed to integrate into the broad product line offerings of large-scale solution integration customers. If searching specifically for a cable tether solution then it makes sense to look for a company dedicated to cable tethers. TetherTies makes cable adapter tethers designed for AV, IT, and Facilities managers. TetherTies was founded by a facilities manager at a multi-billion dollar organization who needed a cable tether solution to secure computer peripherals and deter theft. If you are looking for a tethering solution for cable adapters without needing to decide on adopting a whole product line system then TetherTies is best. If you prefer a broader product line system to integrate then Extron may be worth consideration. Advantage: Best Value (TetherTies) Best For Those Seeking a Complete AV System who prefer Extron product line (Extron)

Cable Tether for IT Adapter Security
A closeup view of a TetherTie preventing theft of a VGA Mac adapter.

7. Customization

TetherTies offers 3 colors (white, black, silver), two models (original & heavy-duty) and custom lengths (standard length is 12 inches, custom order lengths of any size). Extron LockIt cable adapter tether comes in a single 14 inch length. If you prefer to match your cable tethers to the work environment (color matching, higher theft environment, or need custom length cable tethers) then TetherTies is the best choice. TetherTies doesn’t believe in ‘one size fits all’. Advantage: TetherTies

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