Security Tether Kit for Cable Adapters

Many IT, facilities, and operations managers face a simple question, “Where can I find a security tether kit for cable adapters?” Among the reasons for this need is that often Windows based computer, Apple, Mac, VGA, HDMI and other cables disappear because there is no security cable or tether kit keeping them in place. The cost of replacement due to this lack of security can be high as often costs to re-order lost or stolen adapters run as high as $50 or even $100. The reasons why cables disappear are often due to a lack of basic security in conference rooms, offices, classrooms, and laboratories. Even though many of these locations are not open to the public they still risk forgetful employees leaving rooms with both their laptop computers and cable adapters. Any security tether kit should secure cable adapters, be fast and easy to use, simple to install, low cost, and most of all, deter theft. Surprisingly, not all security tether kits meet these requirements and for those IT, facilities, and operations managers who understand this they can help their company invest wisely in the best security tether kit for cable adapters.

Cable Adapter Security

Cable Tether Lock Kit

Most security tether kits are more do-it-yourself than full service. The most basic kit comes with pre-cut tethers made from wire rope with metal sleeves included in bulk or slid onto each end. That’s it. More full-service kits include the pre-cut tethers, but often have the metal sleeves assembled and locked in place. The locked in place tethers allow for faster installation while still preserving the ability of the user to adjust to any size of computer, Apple, Mac, VGA, HDMI or other cables needing to be secured. If not locked in place, an IT, facilities, or operations manager can easily (and unintentionally) slip off the metal sleeves while trying to adjust the security tethers around any given adapter. This can lead to unexpected delays and hassles which can add up if securing multiple cable adapters. Not the kind of hassle many people want in their busy days. Additionally, the best security tether kits will include an installation tool (often a specific size of pliers), printed directions, and clear customer support contact information.

Secure Computer Adapters with Cable Tethers

Installing Security Cable Tethers

Installation time is often an overlooked consideration when choosing a security tether kit for cable adapters. These vary widely as many kits really are just a bunch of parts – wire with metal sleeves, no installation tool included. The can take 1-2 minutes per adapter to install if no prior experience and without an included tool. Others require a heat source to shrink wrap plastic over metal sleeves. These items can take 2-4 minutes as the setup and cool down time required by a heat source can take up significant time. The best security tether kits – those with locked in metal sleeves and included installation tools – can make installation in under 15 seconds a reality – which can save time and money (and hassle)!

Cable Tether Uses and Compatibility

The best security tether kits can work on almost all cables and adapters used in offices, conference rooms, and meeting spaces. The size range of computer, Apple, Mac, VGA, HDMI, video, mouse, internet, and telephone cables tends to be between 0.5 to no more than 4-6 inches in width. An ideal sized security tether would be around 12 inches in length although some come longer. Security tethers longer than 12 inches can end up cluttering an office or holding together two cables and adapters at a distance that is too far apart to be helpful to the user. Apple and Mac adapters are no larger than 2 inches in diameter. Roughly the same for VGA and HDMI cables. A 12 inch security tether is plenty of length to secure almost any adapter or cable and not create unintended consequences such as desk clutter or extreme adapter separation.

Security Cables For Computer Adapters

Top Cable Tether Brands Best For… Theft Deterrence Types of Devices Colors Available Installation Time (each) Installation Tool Included Assembly Level (Locked-In or Parts Only) Cost Range (each)
TetherTies Security Tethers Overall Value & Quickest Installation Time Strong Apple, Mac, VGA, HDMI, iPhone, Computer, Power, and Internet cables and adapters Black, White, Silver 15 seconds Yes Locked-In $3 -$6
Kensington Security Slot Cable Locks Securing Public Computers Very Strong Computers only Black 1-2 minutes Yes Locked-In $30-$50
Extron Lockit Tethers Do-It Yourselfers Strong Apple, Mac, VGA, HDMI, iPhone, Computer, Power, and Internet cables and adapters White 2-4 minutes No Parts Only $12-$15