How to Prevent HDMI Cable Theft in the office

The office of today and the future shares one thing in common … technology. Technology drives our office productivity and is re-shaping the way we work, collaborate, communicate, and drive results. While the benefits of laptops, collaboration equipment, mobile devices, printers are many, the downsides of all these items are front and center when those tools go missing. If you are an IT professional or facilities manager and you’re is investing in technology, from the conference room to the office transformations to remote workers, then you have to consider how to ensure you keep the productivity high and prevent HDMI cable theft and stop people stealing adapters and loss of computer peripherals to a minimum. Let’s be honest, we have terms to make it sound better from “unintended borrowing” to “shrinkage,” but the theft of computer adapters from HDMI cables to USB adapters and more can add up to thousands of dollars of added expenses for employers. While not everyone in the organization may be repeat offenders, it is still a problem losing adapters and having to replace ones that have ‘walked away’.

Where do many IT and facility operations leaders turn to solve their theft problems? Thousands of companies turn to TetherTies to prevent HDMI cable theft and loss problems. With over 50 different cable tether models, TetherTies offers the largest selection of office adapter cable tethers available. Our products can reduce theft of HDMI, USB, USB-C, and other computers adapters and save companies money by reducing loss and labor. TetherTies can also meet functional needs that enhance collaboration. From our standard TetherTies model, which quickly and easily tethers adapters together or to a fixed location, to our extendable COILS model which offers over 3 feet of extendable secure access to HDMI cables in conference rooms, our product line is a quick and way for IT and facility mangers to showcase cost management and value added ROI.

What kind of TetherTies cable tethers are you looking for?

Want an affordable, fast and easy installation cable tether?  Try our TetherTies Cable Tethers which feature two looped ends for point to point tethering. This product line comes in both a standard strength and heavy-duty strength and in 3 colors (black, white, and silver). Standard length is 12 inches (11 inches installed), but available in custom lengths to meet any requirement.

Most often we see customers use TetherTies Cable Tethers to prevent HDMI Cable Theft by using a standard TetherTies security cable. Installation is pretty straightforward.

  • Back out one screw from the wall plate where the HDMI cable plugs in.
  • Take one loop of the TetherTies and loop it over the screw, and cinch it tight and then crimp.
  • Screw the wall plate screw back down tight to the box.
  • Loop the other TetherTies loop around the HDMI Cable, and crimp tight.

In less than 15 seconds, you can prevent HDMI cable theft. Now, will someone who carries a screwdriver with them in the office be able to steal your HDMI cable? Yes, but is that person going to be deterred if they want to steal your HDMI cable? Hard to say. But what we’ve learned over the years is that deterring adapter and dongle theft matters, and definitely helps.

Want extra affordable cable tether with on-site customization?

The TetherTies Self Assemble (DIY) cable tethers and save even more money by enabling IT and office to self-assemble TetherTies and customize on the fly.  This line comes in both a standard and heavy-duty strength and in 3 colors (black, white, and silver). Standard length is 12 inches (11 inches installed), but available in custom lengths to meet any requirement, and you can also cut and adjust the length of the security wire for adapters with the includes crimping tool/linesman pliers.

Need extendable cable tethers or longer adapter security with a recoiling feature when not in use?

Try our Extendable Cable Tether COILS lineup which extends up to 39 inches while recoiling down to 6 inches when not in use to minimize visibility and maintain a professional office environment. COILS feature heavy-duty strength and come in 3 colors (black, white, and silver). These are perfect for securing Clickshare dongles to desks and tables.

Want to secure multiple computer adapters to one cable tether?

Our new line of TetherTies multi-adapters, depending on model ordered, secures from 2-4 computer adapters or cords to one TetherTies multi-adapter. Available in standard and heavy-duty strength and in 3 colors (black, white, and silver). Standard length is 16 inches of total cable wire (8 inches installed), but available in custom lengths to meet any requirement.

Looking for non-metal cable tethers that don’t feature metal wire?

TetherTies feature a new line of high break strength non-metal security cable that can secure computer adapters from Apple, iPad, iPhone, and Mac adapters to other office equipment cables. Non-metal TetherTies wire is available and configured for our Standard, DIY, Multi-Adapters models (not available in COILS).

Besides being the #1 cable tether company for variety and quality, TetherTies is known for customer service and innovation. With new products launched every year since 2013, we are constantly striving to be #1 in customer service and meeting unique needs.  In fact a recent customer feedback survey highlighted TetherTies’ customer service and responsiveness as the key differentiator between TetherTies and Extron, and Liberty Cable.

Want custom TetherTies to meet your office transformation project or for an existing need?  Contact us and lets talk today. Our customer success team can help you get the TetherTies product that best meets your need. If we don’t make it, we will try our best to point you in the right direction – honest, we want you to get the best product to meet your needs, and if that doesn’t work, we’ll try to point you to someone who can help you.

After all, we know, we are founded by a former IT and facilities manager who tried to prevent HDMI cable theft and people stealing computer adapters especially USB adapters, USB-C adapters, Apple dongles, Mac USB-C adapters, iPhone dongles. As a company who knows your issues, reach out today and let us help you!