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TetherTies Multi-Adapter Cable Tethers secure 2 adapters, with 3 loops – 2 for adapters, 1 for the cable. Need to secure more than 2 adapters? Contact us via chat (below) and our US based manufacturing and fulfillment team will custom assemble adapter cable tethers to meet your exact needs. Easily secure multiple video adapters, power cords or other computer peripherals with TetherTies Multi-Adapter Cable Tethers.


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Product Details

  • MULTI-ADAPTER SECURITY – TetherTies Multi-Adapters are the only pre-assembled cable tether that secures up to 3 computer peripherals together for maximum convenience and security. Our innovative design is the choice for securing multiple adapters at once (up to 3 per multi-adapter). TetherTies Multi-Adapters are 16” long, adjustable, and come pre-assembled for security in seconds with no hassle.
  • DURABLE & SECURE – TetherTies Multi-Adapter cable tethers feature a tamper-resistant design that reduces the chance of loss and theft. In a modern workplace requiring access to multiple adapters and immediate resolution; protect your technological items with the industry’s leading easy-to-use prevention solution.
  • INSTALLATION IN SECONDS – TetherTies install permanently in 15 seconds or less. TetherTies are the fastest way to secure computer peripherals and deter loss or theft.
  • AMERICAN MADE – TetherTies are made in the USA of high-quality, flexible, stainless-steel, nylon-coated wire cable. You will be hard pressed to find a better, more durable solution to keep your computer, adapters, and dongles secure with such a minimalist design.
  • BUDGET SAVINGS – Keep your adapters, cables, and dongles secure at ~5% of replacement cost. TetherTies are an easy and cost-efficient solution to keep your items nearby helping prevent having to buy new cables and adapters to replace missing, lost, or taken computer adapters, cords, and other items.
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED – TetherTies come fully assembled. Just place the end of your TetherTies cable tether around the item you want to lock down, cinch the tether until secure, and crimp it shut. Security in seconds with no hassle.
  • FREE TOOL – With your purchase, included is a crimping tool for fast easy installation. No additional tools or equipment are required to install TetherTies. Installation is simple and easy.

Product Specifications

TetherTies (pre-installation)
For scale: Apple MiniDisplay adapter (not included)
Pre-installation: 16 inches / Post-installation: 15 inches
Overall Dimensions
16 x 0.1 x 0.5 inches
Installation video

Choose between Standard or Heavy Duty Wire Strength

Standard TetherTies Multi-Adapter

Starting at
Minimum break strength
110 lbs
Wire type
Strong & flexible nylon-coated stainless steel wire
Ideal For
Preventing unintended removal in work environments
Theft Deterrence rating
Security Rating
16" pre-assembled / 6.5" when installed. Custom lengths available

Heavy Duty TetherTies Multi-Adapter

Starting at
Minimum break strength
240 lbs
Wire type
PVC coated stainless steel wire 33% thicker than standard nylon
Ideal For
Enhanced level of theft deterrence in work and public spaces
Theft Deterrence rating
Security Rating
16" pre-assembled / 6.5" when installed. Custom lengths available

Customer Ratings and Reviews

5 reviews for Multi-Adapter TetherTies

  1. Gary Pirozzi (verified owner)

    Neal at was extremely helpful and responsive. The product is easy to use and is very versatile.

  2. vamsi (verified owner)

    it very good product to secure our cables/adapter and the support we receive from the Mr.Neal is ultimate all the times

  3. Vamsi D (verified owner)

    Its very good product to secure your cables/adapters.
    we always receive prompt response from the “Neal” and our order will be packed in very good manger and it will handed over to our FF before we share the payment ref details..

    it shows the loyalty towards customer and we get all the required clarification promptly.

  4. Michael Metcalf

    Needed a solution to secure multiple HDMI adapters for a conference room so that they are accessible but don’t find their way lost or in another conference room. The included tool and adapters were very easy to use. Simply secure around the adapter you want and crimp closed. Works great!

  5. Isaac Mejico

    We bought these because our company recently updated everyone’s laptop and our current conference room set-up called for VGA but the new laptops between mac’s and windows has either the type-c or hdmi. We knew the adapters would walk away and this was perfect for the two adapters we have. We bought one set to try it out and now going to buy more for the remainder conference rooms.

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