Strategies for Reducing Loss of Computer Peripherals

Secure your Mac adapters, and computer peripherals so you don’t have to replace them. This is one of the quickest ways to reign in your organization’s spending on computer peripherals.

Keeping your Mac adapters, VGA cables, and other computer peripherals always available in conference rooms, presentation podiums, and meeting rooms can be an efficient way to ensure productivity is not lost when people in your organization are meeting.  However, this is an also an invitation for colleagues and guests to ‘walk off’ or lose the Mac adapters and other computer peripherals every IT department or research lab manager works hard to keep operational.

With a few tips you can keep the office productive and minimize the hassle and financial loss of having your computer peripherals disappear or vanish.  We suggest the following tips and tricks:

  • Inventory and document all Mac, Windows, and other computer peripherals that are installed in each meeting space in your office, organization, or laboratory.
  • Assign a number or bar code to each item so it can be tracked.
  • Print out and post prominently the policy of your organization and indicate each person is asked to abide by this policy.  Best to place any signage adjacent to the location of the computer peripherals (bonus points for also including instructions for use – that way you can minimize the calls to the help desk or the local IT manager!)
  • Tether your computer peripherals with a tethering device that is easy to use and won’t require significant employee time to install on your Mac, Windows, and other computer peripherals.
  • The best tethering devices for use in office, lab, and communal use rooms are able to dissuade loss, but not make employees feel they are not trusted.
  • One tethering system used by hundreds of companies, universities, and laboratories is the low-cost and easy to use tethering system called TetherTies™.  TetherTies install in under 15 seconds and are effective at minimizing replacement costs for Mac adapters, VGA cables, and other computer peripherals in office and lab settings.

If you are an IT department head, IT manager, or have facilities responsibility in your organization you can have greater productivity and lower costs with an effective strategy for minimizing loss of Mac adapters, VGA cables, and other computer peripherals.

By following the above suggested tips and tricks we’ve heard of organizations reporting as much as 80% reduction in replacement costs due to loss.  By creating an inventory tracking system, issuing use guidelines, publicly posting policies, and using tethering systems like TetherTies you will save time, money, and increase productivity.

For more information on securing Mac adapters and computer peripherals using a tethering system you can google TetherTies or visit