Office Design for Improved Productivity: 12 Simple Steps

blue wall productivity

As boards, team leaders, and facility managers start to consider how and when to reopen office spaces, many companies are taking advantage of the recent low-occupancy to update their facilities—without a huge financial investment, if possible. A primary concern as we move into the fall of 2020 is the health and safety of our teams, […]

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Conference Room Adapter Tethers: How to Outfit Your Office Spaces


Most employees would rather go to the dentist than waste time attending or prepping for meetings1. Some preparation is necessary, of course: gathering data, organizing a presentation, and polishing your pitch. Other preparation however, like scrambling around for the right conference room adapters, is an agonizing waste of time. How often are the first 10 […]

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Cable Adapter Tethers: How to Solve Complex Needs with a Custom Order


Does your office find that HDMI, video, power, and Apple adapters disappear?  We call it ‘unintended borrowing’ and while it may be a nuisance, it doesn’t have to continue. Thousands of teams rely on TetherTies to avoid lost cable adapters. But what about organizations with unique challenges like larger conference rooms, heightened security needs, or […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are TetherTies? TetherTies are patented cable tethers that are the fastest to install, and easiest to use to secure Mac adapters, tether USB-C adapters, and prevent theft of HDMI dongles.  TetherTies are used by thousands of IT professionals across Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, universities, and research facilities. What do you mean Patented Cable […]

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About TetherTies – The Original Pre-Assembled Cable Adapter Tether

TetherTies™ are the simple, durable, and super-fast tethering solution for securing video adapters, power cords, and other computer peripherals in conference rooms, offices, classrooms, and public spaces. TetherTies are manufactured and pre-assembled in the USA of high-quality, nylon-coated stainless steel wire cable, and install in less than 15 seconds with the FREE included crimping tool. […]

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